Ido's Trip to North Italy

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Day 1 - Beatiful Verona
Day 2 - Garda Lake
Day 3 - Garda Land
Day 4 - Venice
Day 5 - Flexible day & Opera
Day 6 - To Cortina
Day 7 - Averau Mountain
Day 8 - Tre Cime Range
Day 9 - To Milan
Day 10 - Last day in Milan
Day 11 - Back Home

Day 3 - Garda Land

Garda land

This day was probably the simplest day in the trip and was devoted completely to Garda land. Early morning we took a free bus from Desenzano to Canevaworld which is a site for children attractions. Garda land is the biggest attraction in Canevaworld and servers as the amusement park of the site. It is also considered one of the best  parks Italy can offer. There is not too much to tell. It's not Euro Disney or Disneyworld, but it's certainly a big and beautiful park. As most of the world's best parks Garda Land holds attractions to all ages and you can enjoy there for a full day. We bought the "Garda Land Express" which allows you to enter the fast lines in the more crowded attractions. For some reason the park was a little desolate, so the card offered only little help. But in crowded days the card will offer a great deal of help and is recommended since some lines can last even longer than hour .
Night fell and we returned to Desenzano, a bit dizzy bat with a smile.

Climbing up the tree and going down inside the trunk

Several attractions. In the far end one of the scariest.

Part of the night parade

Garda Lake - Spot Summary

Garda take was certainly pleasurable. The recommended places to stay the night are: Desenzano, Peschiera, or sirmione. All of these towns are placed in the "Milan-Venice" axis. For families that want to stay put and not wander too far (like this trip going to evolve) Garda Lake is a wonderful spot. You can make the Garda Lake experience a bit more rich by visiting more towns around the lake, riding bicycles around the lake, and visit Canevaworld for its remaining attractions ( such as the water park). I felt like I enjoyed Garda Lake to the fullest within the limited time of the trip. More Visits to the towns would have felt a little too routine and peaceful. It was time to move on .