Ido's Trip to North Italy

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Day 1 - Beatiful Verona
Day 2 - Garda Lake
Day 3 - Garda Land
Day 4 - Venice
Day 5 - Flexible day & Opera
Day 6 - To Cortina
Day 7 - Averau Mountain
Day 8 - Tre Cime Range
Day 9 - To Milan
Day 10 - Last day in Milan
Day 11 - Back Home

Day 8 - Trip up in the sky

Lavardo's Three Peaks

The morning started just the same as the day before except now we had our legs muscles completely stressed. Yet again we went to a track suggested by the hostess (Apparently her daughter married the lake beneath the mountain).
The track will take around a famous range of mountains called "Tre Cime di Lavardo" or in English "Lavardo's three peaks". It just so happens that the mountains you will walk around are composed of 3 very high peaks. The track is not hard and takes about 3 to 4 hours. Families with children shouldn't have any problems with this track.
The track was spectacular as expected from the Dolomites but it can't be compared to our previous trip to Averau mountain. The trip is very simple most of the time. Most of the time you'll be walking on a wide planar road. It might be just our luck since we were exhausted from yesterday trip.
On the way you can expect to meet the many surrounding mountains, evergreen lawn, cows, birds and the clouds beneath you.

The view around was more attractive than the 3 peaks themselves

Lake Misurina

Finishing the easygoing trip we took a bus down to a lake called "Lake Misurina" that resides at the foot of the "Tre Cime". It's a beautiful little lake that is surrounded by forest from one side and number of tourist shops from the other. We hired a paddle boat for half an hour sailing casually while chasing after ducks of dire need to be fed.
After spending a little more time near the lake we went back to Cortina, bought some souvenirs, ate a nice dinner and back to the hotel.

Day & Cortina Summary

This day was less successful than yesterday but it was still a lot of fun.
Cortina was most definatly the peak of the trip. The Scenery, romantic atmosphere and the little breakaway from modern civilization made its part and I advise not to miss the Dolomites.
Cortina offers diverse difficulty of daytrips from easygoing to extreme sport, some of the best ski facilities in Europe and long tracks.